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You may have heard the sound of electric bikes (also known as e-bikes or electric scooters). What is an electric bicycle? It is a bicycle with a motor to control the vehicle. The motor is electric and uses a battery, hence the name electric bicycle, electronic bicycle, or electric scooter. You can also buy smart or advanced electric bikes from the internet.

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The electronic bicycle is a new concept for people living in western countries, although electric scooters are very popular in countries such as India and China. The first attempts to attach a bicycle to a bicycle were made in the 1960s. Modern e-bikes don't look like their ancestors, but the concepts and ideas behind them remain unchanged. They are made for the comfort and pleasure of the driver.

E-bikes do not require motorcyclists to have insurance or obtain a driver's license. This makes e-bikes ideal for students or those with a suspended driving license (always wearing a helmet).

Electric bikes are very affordable both to buy and to ride. The price of an e-bike can range from $ 700 to $ 3,500. Maintenance is very easy. The e-bike does not require expensive oil changes and/or engine checks, which saves a lot of money and hassle when visiting a mechanic. 

E-bikes don't require insurance, which makes electric scooters cheaper to operate. Electric bicycle parts and repairs are less expensive than the average repair for a motorcycle or vehicle (meaning, if you need repair, the e-bike is built to last).

Most parts are available online and most major repairs can be done by the driver himself. Electronic bikes are battery-operated, which helps consumers save a lot of fuel, not to mention the positive effect electric bikes have on the environment. The greenhouse effect caused by emissions from our vehicles is a major contributor to global warming.