The Basics Information About Migraine

Migraine is a form of headache. However, because it is a special form, usually seen as separate and learn it specifically. It may be easier to start by defining migraines first, because headaches tend to be defined as anything other than migraines.

Migraines tend to be on one side of the head (they are unilateral). Many people know that migraines will occur because they may feel irritability, too tired, crave certain foods or even excessive evaporates for hours before they start. This period is called 'prodrome'. Some people then experience a tend to begin right before migraines. 

This aura is often in the form of visual disorders. We can divide migraines into two types based on aura, and these two types of migraines are previously known as 'general' or 'classic'. Although some doctors will still use these terms, they have now been officially abandoned in favor of 'migraine without aura' and 'migraine with aura'. Most migraines are not accompanied by an aura.

Migraine aura can come in a number of forms, which can include it feels strange in the mouth, or kiss something that is not there, or even feeling feels separate from reality. Most commonly, there are some visual disorders, often arcs like rainbows that move across the visual field (terms we use to describe what you can see when your eyes are open).