5m Telescopic Ladders – Tips on Finding the Right Ladder For Your Needs

In my humble opinion, the 5m telescopic ladder is the best ladder to have in almost any home. I used to own and live in an older house. It wasn't so long ago that we had a sliding glass patio door and one of those huge (and noisy) iron railings that you get at home improvement stores. My husband, who is not really the handyy type, would hammer in those railings using his iron hand saw every single weekend. Not only were they ugly looking, but he was also constantly cutting himself on them and the saw was no help at all when it came to getting the wood off the railings.

The garage became a place where our car would be stored. There was just no way to keep it out of the garage (or the front door of course! ), so we had to make sure the front door was always open and clear of debris and people. That was why my husband and I decided to set up a huge metal garage door and extend it into the back yard. Our problem was that it was a very tall ladder and it was difficult for anybody to climb up and into the garage from the ground level. However, after some time to talk it over with a friend of mine we eventually came up with the perfect solution – a 5m telescopic ladder!

The 5m telescopic ladder as seen at choicemart.co.uk, is very easy to install. The first step is to remove your existing roof, as well as any external siding and then attach the two pieces of metal railings to the two sides of the newly created garage door. Once you've attached them, secure them using braces of some sort to hold them together. You will then have to make sure that the two pieces of metal railings are fully extended – and this is actually quite easy to do as you just simply need to place them onto the ground and screw them into the ground with a bit of bolts and screws. After you've done this, simply secure the wooden braces to the ground. This should take a few minutes and once done you can simply stand back and admire your handy work.

Due to the construction of the 5m telescopic ladder, it is quite stable and won't tip over easily. You might also want to invest in some safety features so that you're not constantly worrying that the ladder will fall down on you or anyone else. For example, you could get an extra piece of rail at the bottom rung of the ladder, which would allow you to stop the bottom rung of the ladder started to fall down. Similarly, you could get some safety bars at the top rung of the ladder so that if the wind did pick up, it wouldn't blow the entire thing over. Just make sure you have the strength to pull the bar down, otherwise the whole ladder could collapse.

Another feature you might want to invest in is a telescoping stem to attach the ladder directly to the wall. There are basically two types of telescoping stem: directly mounted and suspended. If you use a ladder with a directly mounted stem, you'll have to remove the entire ladder in order to secure it against the wall. With a suspended stem, the ladder simply attaches itself to the wall. This makes the ladder much safer and easier to use.

Hopefully these tips will help you make a decision about what type of 5m telescopic ladders are best suited to your needs. These rungs can be rather bulky, so if you're only installing a small table or other flat surface, then you might consider a cheaper model that has fewer rungs. However, for larger surfaces, such as stairs, you might want to seriously consider the extra durability and stability of a telescoping ladder.