What Makes a Good Web Development Company

The world of web development is still very misunderstood. We’ve even heard people call it “dark art.” So, when you need help turning your ideas and designs into a quality website or web application, how do you know who to trust?

The purpose of this post is to provide some key points about what makes a good web development company and to help you understand what questions to ask a developer company. You can also get more information about a good web development company via https://holloways.co.nz.

This is going to be a very confident post and we don’t apologize for it. If you disagree with something, we are of course ready to discuss it further.

Now let’s move on to publication. Below are the main areas we will look at and what to look for in a web development company.

  • He can do front and backend development
  • Do not specialize in tail technology
  • Best practice must be followed
  • Understand the marketing strategy around the project
  • He invests time in research and development
  • There is a strict testing process, including automated testing
  • Flexible to change
  • Use source control
  • He can do front and backend development
  • We don’t subscribe to the idea that developers do front-end development and developers do back-end development. This is equivalent to a plumber just laying the pipes and leaving the bathroom, shower, sink and toilet installation to someone else.

We agree that there is a separation between web developers and web designers, there is a completely different thought process, but the separation between front-end and backend is completely wrong.