What Are The VR Wave Prescription Lenses?

VR headsets are increasing in popularity and they are showing no signs of slowing down. With so many people at home because of the current situation in the world, it's inevitable that access to a completely immersive virtual world is now commonplace. 

VR headsets give you access to virtual worlds that provide many hours of enjoyment exploration, wonder, and excitement. However certain people may be a bit hesitant to use these headsets, especially when their eyes have trouble seeing them. You can get more details on VR prescription glasses via https://www.vr-wave.store/.


Although VR headsets are already equipped with a lens (in order to communicate images to users) However, these lenses are generally designed with the general population in mind, with no eye issues, which could limit the enjoyment for users who require glasses for a prescription to be able to see clearly. 

Since VR gaming, as well as VR experiences, should be accessible to all, companies like VR Wave have dedicated themselves to offering prescription lenses that are created with a wide variety of VR headsets in mind. But what exactly are prescription lenses?

The lenses that you choose for prescription are custom-made-to-order lenses that are designed with your SPH, AXS, and CYL values with regard to both the Left and Right lenses, ensuring that they will fit your eyes exactly as prescription lenses should. 

In essence, VR headset prescription lenses are designed so that you can use the benefits of your VR headset without the burden of wearing glasses over them.