Types of Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are various types of decorative items used in garden, landscape, and park enhancement as seen on choicemart.co.uk. You can choose from statues, bird baths, finials, gnomes, and more. Whether you have a small garden or a large one, you'll find the perfect type of ornament to add a unique flair to your home. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some popular types. Once you've chosen your favorite, read on to find out how to buy garden ornaments.


If you are looking for a unique way to add color to your flower beds and gardens, statues can be a great option. Statues in many different shapes, sizes, and materials make for beautiful garden decorations. A statue in the shape of a tortoise can be a great choice because of its stern look and detailed shell. This statue is also a fun project for kids, and its wide eye can attract songbirds and butterflies.

Bird baths

When choosing a bird bath, keep in mind the location of your bird's perch. If the water is still, the bird bath is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Place the bird bath far enough away from the greenery and other food sources so that it doesn't attract unwanted visitors. Choose a birdbath with a fountain system to keep the water fresher and less likely to harbor algae. Birds prefer a bath with movement, so place small rocks or branches near it to encourage bird activity.


Finials are decorative pieces that add charm and interest to outdoor spaces. Finials come in many different styles and can be ordered by item number or by description. They can be used to adorn a variety of items, including fountains, statues, and garden ornaments. To find the perfect finial, browse the selection below. For more information, click on the picture to view a more detailed description.


Garden gnomes have become popular home decor items and they can be found in every color, size, and style. They come in traditional dwarf form, but you can also find sports-themed gnomes, or even ones in the colors of your favorite team. These gnomes are available in many materials, including metal, plastic, and even clay. While they are sometimes considered kitschy, they actually have a rich history dating back to pre-modern times. They are thought to be mythological creatures, and have long been associated with mystical traditions, including the use of gnomes in Renaissance magic.


Using storks as garden ornaments has many benefits. First of all, they are a great deterrent for bird predators. Second, they brighten up your garden and will add a nice splash of nature. Storks can be found in many different varieties, from large, realistic storks to smaller, more sculpted varieties. They also come with red stake 'legs' for easy installation.

Bird tables

Garden decorators can add beautiful bird tables as a focal point in their landscape. A table with a birdhouse and a tray is a great choice for attracting hummingbirds and other garden visitors. Many types of bird tables are available, from simple and affordable to more elaborate pieces with intricate designs and carvings. A bird table can add both beauty and function to your garden and will be a great conversation piece, attracting both hungry birds and admiring eyes.


Garden fountains can add both tranquility and drama to the landscape. Moving water energizes the garden, while still water creates a soothing effect. Koi ponds and aquatic gardens can create a sense of calm, but they lack the visual appeal of garden fountains. Water features provide both visual interest and natural sound, making them a perfect choice for your garden. Here are some tips for choosing the right fountain for your outdoor space.