Things To Consider When Replacing Fan Coils

The fan coil unit is an important component in many residential and commercial buildings. Fan coil units in particular play an important role in transferring heat between fluids to keep the space comfortable and regulate the climate. In conjunction with heat exchangers and other parts of the HVAC system, fan coil units can last for years before needing to be replaced, repaired, or overhauled. You can also know more about condo fan coil filter replacement via

If you are asked to evaluate a faulty fan coil assembly, there are several things you should consider before deciding to replace a full fan coil assembly.

1. Opportunity for repair or renovation

The first thing to consider is whether repairing or remodelling an existing unit is worth it. Replacing the entire fan coil unit can often be a challenging process – especially in commercial buildings where this type of work may require temporary shop closures.

2. Unique building heating and cooling requirements

If you decide together with your customer for a complete replacement, then this may seem like the simplest solution to replace an old module of the same construction. However, it is best to consider the unique heating and cooling needs of a building or home before deciding on a particular replacement.

3. Ability to minimize costs

When replacing a fan coil unit in a commercial building, it is important to improve cost efficiency. Where possible, projects should be completed outside of business hours to reduce building closing costs. Minimizing the need for extensive retrofitting by choosing the right replacement fan coil unit for the room can also help keep costs under control.