The Coolest Android Apps in India

India's mobile app industry has continued to flourish as mobile device usage continues to grow. Presently, India is the 2nd biggest mobile phone user with more than nine hundred million users in the world.By the year 2016, the country is expected to have about four hundred million Smartphone users.

The Android team phenomenon spreads like wildfire. Many people turn to the openness and diversity of Android smartphones when choosing a mobile device.

With so many cool Android apps available, choosing the best option can be a challenge for users. There are even apps that you can use to find other useful mobile apps, these contain Music Challenge App in India Needs to Succeed.

For mobile tech enthusiasts with a limited amount of time to sort through the new download stream, let's take a look at some great apps for Android phones.

DrumKi – What's cooler than playing the drums? With this mobile application you can simulate the fun of being a drummer. Attractive user interface; You control each drum by touching it on your touch screen. The appearance is somewhat similar to what a real drummer sees while playing.

Onion News Network Mobile App – Fans of comedy may be familiar with the Onion News Network. This satirical program offers parodies of current events on television and print news formats.

SoundHound – Have you ever heard a song through the speakers in a store and wondered what it was called so you can buy it later? SoundHound offers a solution to this problem.