Roller Blinds Can Be The Best Option For Your Luxury Lifestyle

Roller Blinds cover image

If you are considering buying roller blinds, you might want to know of the operational methods that are available. Roller blinds can be battery or electric, they can be operated with your voice. Let’s face it, everyone would prefer to open or close blinds without having to use any muscles. It is not only for luxury reasons, motorised roller blinds are also a great benefit for people with disabilities or the aged. Old people may simply not have to ability to open and close blinds on there own. 

Roller blinds can be operated with remote control, a smartphone or the best way, I think, with voice activation. If you are thinking about protecting furniture from harmful UV sun or just want complete privacy from the outside world, roller blinds and how they work are your best answer moving forward into 2021. 

Remote Control

The remote control blinds operation is the same as the remote for your TV. It is a little handheld device that has switches that control the movement of your blinds. This is a better option than nothing, but in this day and age of modern technology, this may not be the best option for a young modern family. The benefit of using a remote control to open and close your roller blinds is the potential for solving the issue if for any reason it stops working. 


You can operate your roller blinds from the comfort of your armchair with your smartphone. You will need to buy what’s called a connection hub which can cost over $250, then you can simply install and app and start controlling your blinds. This is not a bad idea actually, because most people have their phone nearby. It is also good for keeping tables free of too much clutter, that a remote would cause. 

Voice Activated

This is the state of the art way of operating your blinds. You will still need to purchase the roller blind connection hub, but you will not have to get frustrated trying to locate your smartphone or remote. This is the perfect solution for advanced tech geeks and people searching for minimalist lifestyles in their home. There is nothing more effortless than using your voice to open and close your indoor roller blinds. Once the connector is installed, you can pair the hub with Alexa or Google Home. 

Motorised Roller Blinds Have 2 Types of Power Options. 

The roller blinds need to have the power to work. If you prefer not to manually wind your blinds, then consider the 2 options outlined below. 

Battery Powered

Battery-powered roller blinds are designed to be quiet and are a more affordable option, as they can be installed in a do it yourself method.  The battery can last up to 1 year before it needs recharging. An LED light indicates when it is time to charge. If you are looking for a quick easy method to install and operate roller blinds, then this could be the best choice. 

Wired Motors

These motorised blinds are installed by an electrician and do not require charging. They are not battery operated and they are operated using electricity. These are a good option for new homes or newly built rooms that require roller blinds. This type of operation can be installed into new and old rooms, but you will require an expert to install it. These are great for the convenience of not having to be concerned with charging the roller blind battery.