Magnetic Name Tags: FAQ About Magnets

Are you looking to buy name badges for your company employees? Make sure you get a permanent name badge and provide a quick and convenient way for employees to identify clients and customers. Magnetic name badges are the most popular style.

Among the many clip names companies in Australia offer, magnets are best for wearing work clothes as they don't leave holes or tears like traditional pens. If you want to make sure your employees have labels with names that won't get lost, these magnets hold all kinds of clothing in place.

Here are the most common questions about our magnetic name badges:

How do magnetic name tags work?

After you have designed a badge using our design tool, select a magnet as the bearing type. Here's how it looks on the back of your badge:

Magnets with name tags

The back view of the name tag is magnetized

The metal tape is securely attached to the back of a plastic or metal label with a permanent adhesive, whichever you choose. They are comfortable and easy to put on and take off, which means that there are no holes left in clothes. 

The blue plastic ribbon has 3 strong magnets that carry the name tag on all types of clothing, regardless of whether it is a light business shirt. 

Are magnetic name tags dangerous?

Magnets are potentially dangerous, yes. The blue plastic strip containing 3 round magnets indicates a warning that people using pacemakers should not use magnets. "Warning – magnetic devices, do not use pacemakers." If you are responsible for ordering name badges for your office staff, it is important that you know which employees have pacemakers. or a wool blazer.