Chain Link Fencing – Introduction

Chain-Link fencing does not require any maintenance because it is made of galvanized wire. This fencing will give you peace of mind and add value to your property. You can look for the best Chain Link Fence Building & Installation Company online.

How To Repair a Chain Link Fence - This Old House

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You can either coat it with plastic (usually green), or simply have a galvanized finish. Chain-Link fencing can be used to create a barrier between small animals and foliage. It requires very little maintenance once it is installed.

How does it get installed?

Galvanized posts are used to install chain-link fencing. Once concrete, you can forget about them. Depending on the length of your fencing, strainer posts or end posts may also be used.

Once the posts are poured into the ground, a strainer wire should be attached. The strainer wire should be tethered and then the chain link can be attached to create the fence.

Chain-Link fencing can be more than 40 years longer if it is well maintained and free from any other materials. This will save you time and money.

If installed correctly, chain-link fencing can have a subtle and clean look. The fence is not recommended to be used in children's or recreational areas. 

Repeated kicking of a football into the fence can cause it to weaken and sag over the years. To restore fence strength, strainer wires can be tightened to correct this.