Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Is It Really Necessary?

There is a thin line between taking out the wisdom tooth and leaving it the way it is. There has been a constant debate among dentists about whether the removal of the third molar isn't required because of the risk of dry Sockets. 

However, some believe that if an incident occurs it is more beneficial to remove the tooth instead of suffering pain and bacterial infection.

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What is a Wisdom Tooth?

Dentists refer to it as the third molar. It typically occurs when one reaches the age of 16 or until 25. In most cases, it doesn't cause any significant risk. There are people who live their whole life without ever experiencing it. 

For some, there are no concerns that arise with regard to the wisdom tooth. However, when it occurs, there are 2 words that describe the effects: uncontrollable pain.

This is the reason dentists think that a specific event like this is a valid reason to remove the tooth. Surgery is necessary when a patient suffers from impaction, the main reason for removing the tooth. 

If you're in the same situation What should you do?

See your dental specialist immediately. There's no reason for you to feel pain or feel the twinge. Even if you want to undergo a surgical extraction, it's your only choice. It's not just because of the painful throbbing that affects the entire body, but a damaged tooth could cause serious damage to your mouth should it not be treated immediately.