What Should You Expect PRP for knee joint repair?

If you're looking for a surgical procedure that can help repair your knee joint, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection may be the best option for you. PRP is a natural substance that is extracted from the blood of healthy individuals and used to treat various conditions, such as arthritis. You can also get the PRP treatment at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine.

The injections are very similar to traditional knee surgery, but they use PRP instead of traditional grafts or artificial materials. There are several benefits to using PRP injection for knee joint repair, including the fact that it is minimally invasive and has a high rate of success. 

Stem cell injections are a new way to help people with diseases. They work by putting small amounts of stem cells into your body. These cells help your body repair itself.

If you are considering PRP for knee joint repair, here is what you can expect: 

-PRP will cause mild pain and some swelling at the injection site. This should go away within a few hours.

-You may experience a warm sensation and slight bruising at the injection site. This should also disappear within a few days.

-There is no guarantee that PRP will heal your knee joint, but it is an option that may help improve your chances