What Is The Process Of Carbon Steel Welding

Carbon steel is a non-stainless, but high carbon steel. This alloy consists mainly of carbon and can be found in a range of.12 percent to.5%.

Steel with more carbon has higher strength and endurance. You can use different types to make different kinds of wires.

There are many types of tungsten inert gases welding carbon steel depending on the carbon content. The mild version is the most popular because it is inexpensive. Steel with higher grades contains more sulfur.

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As the name suggests, low variety steel has a low carbon content. Many parts can be made from medium carbon steel. Higher grades of steel can be used to make wires and springs. These are the foundation of machinery. Common knives and axles are made from high carbon steel.

The most critical step in carbon steel production is heat treatment. There are two methods to heat treat steel. It can be heated up or cooled down.

High temperatures can cause carbon steel to become extremely soft and ductile. Carbon content should not exceed 3wt%. Normalizing steel should take less than an hour.

Normalization steel has uniform properties in terms of appearance, hardness and strength. To make very hard structures, you will need to quench. Quenching requires just .4 wt% carbon. It is essential to understand the process before you use carbon steel welding in your company.