What Is The Life Span Of A Snail?

Snails are fascinating creatures! Snails go through different stages in their life and each stage has an important purpose. Lifetime of snail can vary depending on their species, with some living for more than two years and others living as short as six months. Snails are also known to be able to sleep up to ten hours a day!

life span of a snail

Below is a list of the five stages a snail goes through during its lifetime: 

1. The egg stage: During the egg stage, snails are inactive and don’t eat. They will hatch after about two weeks and become newborn snails.

2. The juvenile stage: Juveniles are active and eat food. They will grow until they reach their final size, which can be anywhere from 1/8 to 3 inches long.

3. The adult stage: In the adult stage, snails stop eating and become mature. They can live for up to six months without food, but they usually die after mating or laying eggs.

4. The senescent stage: Senescent snails don’t move around much and may die soon after reaching this stage. 

5. The dead stage: In this stage, the snail will lose its appetite and stop eating food. It is usually found dead on the ground or in a bucket where it has been transported.

Snails go through a lot of different stages in their life, and each stage has important purpose. Some of the most important stages are the egg stage, the juvenile stage, and the adult stage.