What is Amazon Connect and its Feature?

Amazon Connect is a public cloud client contact center service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Amazon Connect, customer service agents can receive phone calls or chat requests from end customers as if the contact center infrastructure was set up and managed on-site. Pentwater Connect will also help you to get knowledge about the amazon connect from online sources.

Amazon Connect instances can be set up across multiple availability zones and assign multiple paths to telecom providers for fault tolerance and high availability.

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According to Amazon, the service scales to tens of thousands of call center agents. AWS provides telecommunications infrastructure for any company that uses this service. To access the service, users must have an Amazon Connect account or an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) account.

How does Amazon Connect work?

Customers requesting services become Amazon Connect administrators. The administrator's first task is to request phone numbers and configure user permissions, which include operators, contact center managers, and agents.

To provide the service, administrators must first create an Amazon Connect cloud instance. To do this, the client logs into the AWS Management Console and performs several tasks.

First, AWS clients must create or select a custom directory, which can include external options such as Microsoft Active Directory. The client then creates a user with administrative rights and then selects phone options (eg whether the contact center needs to make calls, receive calls, or both) and location.

What are the features of Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect provides intelligent, integrated high-volume outbound communications across multiple channels, including voice, SMS, and email. Your contact center can communicate with millions of customers every day for use cases such as marketing promotions, meeting reminders, and notifications of upcoming deliveries.