Tips On Choosing The Right Type Of Window Glass Replacement In North Vancouver

The window has become far more advanced and specialized over the years. Now there are various kinds of glass available, and choosing the right type for your windows is an important decision.

Each type of glass has different characteristics that may make it more suitable for a particular function on the other. You can find the best window glass replacement via

Window Glass Replacement

Here are some of the more common types of window glass and the quality of each.

  • Sheet Glass:- Also known as float glass, glass types common in many older homes. It is often used for windows and glass doors. This type of glass is not energy efficient.
  • Tempered glass:- This type of glass is heat-treated and shatterproof. When damaged, it shattered into pieces blunt to reduce the possibility of injury. It is also known as a tough glass and is commonly used for glass doors, storm windows, and door screens. Although many other advantages, tempered glass is not an energy-saving option.
  • Low emissivity glass:- Low emissivity, or low-E energy saving glass, coated on one side with a thin metal layer to reflect heat transmitted and reduce heat transfer. Although it can reduce heat transfer up to 70%, low-E glass does not reduce the amount of light passing through into the room.