Time To Take Precautions For Ransomware Threat

Ransomware prove to be a real time threat today for your personal data, which includes your important files, pictures, videos, songs and everything else on your system. In a simple definition, it is a malware program, which locks you out of your computer data or encrypts your data and asks for ransom to release a key for you to unlock the data.

The only option that remains with you is to make the payment and get back your data. You can also look for the law administration ransomware protection services online.

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Though there are many such malware, here we are going to discuss some of the most recent ones which breach your personal data.

Black shades: This is a powerful and dangerous remote access tool (RAT), which is can get complete access of an infected system. This malware can infect your system through phishing tactics on e-mails or links, through malicious links on social media networks or through some browser plug-ins. Once infected, your data can be accessed or stolen easily.

Jigsaw: This new ransomware not only encrypts your files but also deletes your personal data every 60 minutes till the time you don't pay to get back your data. Jigsaw infects your system with the auto run feature where countdown begins from 60 to 0 and once it reaches 0 it deletes certain number of files. Good news is that it can be decrypted.

How to stay safe from ransomware: Try these small steps to prevent ransomware threats and to secure your data on virtual platform.

  • Do not open unusual attachments.
  • Keep tab on spam mails folder.
  • Do not click links, which seems to be doubtful or are sent from anonymous source.
  • Do not visit unusual websites.