The Growth of the Organic Market in Australia

Brisbane Organic Foods

The organic market in Australia has been estimated to be worth billions, having grown significantly over the last decade. Research suggests that it has grown 25% over the past year. This being considerably higher than 2019. Globally, the growth in the organic market is driven by the consumer's hunger for healthy, unprocessed natural food. 

Now especially, since the world experienced the COVID pandemic last year and some are still experiencing it, the demand for organic food has risen. Consumers have understood the need to eat healthy, chemical-free food as the most necessities to live a healthy life. 

In Australia, organic poultry, meat, fish saw a ten percent increase is the highest growth any organic food category has seen. Where in 2018 organic dairy did not have the required content of butterfat hampering its growth, over the past two years it has seen a rise in demand. Widely considered as a much more sustainable alternative to conventional farming, in Australia farmers farming organic products avoid the use of chemical or synthetic insecticides, pesticides, and even fertilizers. There has been an increase in the number of organic marketplaces being introduced. 

At marketplaces like Organic Foods in Brisbane, all of the consumers demand organic food will be met. Be it poultry, dairy, fruits, and vegetables, or even seeds and grains.

Although a wide range of premium quality organic goods is anyway available, there still is a huge opportunity that stands for growth in the industry, and demand for organic food is bound to increase.