The Best Pre- Insulated HVAC Duct Products

Modern pre-insulated HVAC duct processes have a tendency to consist of premium performance coupling systems, fabrication techniques and a line of fittings to maintain excellent HVAC ductwork. A glass wool duct board is employed to provide integral noise absorption and thermal insulation, therefore there's no need for more insulation to be inserted when the duct has been manufactured.

In general pre insulated HVAC ducts remain clean for a little while and according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, there is no significant requirement to have the machine taken apart every now and for cleanup: However if there's a individual at your family who is affected with allergies, even unexplained symptoms or disease, or when you should be definite indications that the ducts are dirty and contaminated. You can also purchase pre insulated duct via

pre insulated duct

Signs of a Dirty HVAC Pre- Insulated Duct :

Presence of dust from the air, and also the necessity to clean the home more frequently to reduce dust particles on surfaces

Family members encounter nasal congestion, sinus problems, and frequent headaches while sleeping diminished air coming directly from the vents in to the chambers of the home

More cases of allergies at home, and normal coughing, stuffy nose, nausea, fatigue and a burning sensation in the throat, eyes or nose

After the air conditioner is switched on, it gives a rancid or musty odor.

Phenolic Pre insulated HVAC Duct :

These panels within this sort of duct may contain 20mm thickness phenolic foam insulating material that's also faced on each side with 80micron thickness aluminum foil to the inside, together with 200micron galvanized iron onto the surface. Other elements including compression strength, thermal conductivity, flame rating, and maximum running temperature are all ideal for home use, helping to make phenolic foam canals a good alternative to iron sheet canals.