Tasty Thai Food – Spicy, Salty, and Sour

Thai food should not only be classified as spicy and hot as there are many herbs and spices that together give individual dishes a distinctive aroma and taste.

Fragrant, delicious, flavorful, and aromatic Thai food is in a class of its own and nothing can compare to any other food uniqueness. You can also place your order online for Thai food takeaway via https://thaiherbkitchen.co.uk/.

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Fish sauce – salted

Fish sauce is made by processing fish or shrimp mixed with salt and pouring the fermented product into a bottle. It smells really bad, but when added to cooking or sprinkled on top of rice, it really adds to the taste of exotic Thai food.

Lime – sour

Lime is used in a wide variety of Thai dishes at every occasion. The main role of lime is to suppress the salty taste and smell of fish sauce.

Chilly – spicy

Thai chilies are the most common type of chili which can be found almost anywhere in the world. Chili is also used to make curries. There are different types of curry, but the most common are only five types, green, red, yellow, sour, and Penang.

To get the right taste for different types of meat, they use different curries. Lemon basil tastes great and makes your food even spicier.