Strengthen Your Immune System With Essential Oils

The most effective use of essential oils for health is to fight infectious diseases. For those who don't know, essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that are distilled from plants. 

They are the chemicals that give plants their fragrance; a lush rose scent or a pungent mint scent. You can also get information about immune support set through various online sites.

Incorporating Essential Oils

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Plants use these chemicals to protect from intruders such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, among others. Each plant oil has a unique composition due to its physiology, natural environment, and potential microbial invaders. 

Due to their chemical structure, essential oils are readily absorbed by the human body due to their "lipophilic" (a structure that corresponds to the lipid components of our cell walls), pass through the cell membrane, and then enter further into the bloodstream. 

Essential oils can protect us from germs in many ways by naturally keeping the space around us germ-free, protecting our immune system, and getting rid of germs once they have invaded our bodies.

The first line of defense is to keep the environment clean by spreading essential oils into the air. Do you get a little nervous when a friend or coworker sneezes or coughs?

Outside of your external environment, it is important to strengthen your immune system. Essential oils have been studied for their ability to prevent viruses from entering our cell walls, keep bacterial levels under control, and flush toxins from our bodies.