Short Stories With Morals and Values

Short Moral Stories seem hard to come by today or perhaps just that we now have several stories and shows available with no moral information. I grew up with Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. It just does not seem the same, quantity over quality. My mother always read stories to me growing up with so much animation, reading to me for hours and hours. To know more about the benefits of moral stories you can visit

Come to discover it really is a skill she's got and something she wants to complete, it wasn't exactly about me. I have to state that it has given me that love of storytelling, a powerful ability to spell and enunciate, and an opportunity to bond and associate with her.

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I always wanted to go to film school but preferred the expensive practical version, broadcasting. Needless to say, I am currently a Director to get a Finance Institution, and also my mom is still reading to children. I don't know how exactly we didn't consider this sooner but, we put together an internet site where she gets to learn and that I expect to make modest films, a match made in paradise.

Why are we the experts on moral authority? I wouldn't say that I'm an expert. I am a fantastic person with flaws but I'd honestly say without a bias my mother is what she looks like, a child in your heart. 

She offers the heart and I just put the frame on it and it's something we are working together on, I'm really proud of that, it is new and fun. It's important for kids to know the values they are going to take together with the rest of their lives also to begin a love of learning. 

Reading must be interactive and fun. Reading to your child or talking to them through different morals will give them more view to construct confidence, be honest, treat others with honor, and learn who they are and what they understand.