Seat Cushions – Suited to Wheelchair Users?

Wheelchair seat cushions are intended to help prevent skin breakdown and painful pressure points in people who have to sit in a wheelchair for large amounts of time. These cushions usually inflate and have individual cells that can be adjusted if needed. These are the most commonly used cushions for people who remain in wheelchairs for the majority of their day.

Seat cushions for wheelchairs have the ability to constantly change in pressure and support as the person is moving around. More support can be added or taken out of certain air cells in the event that the person feels a slight pressure build up in a particular area.

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Sometimes, depending on a person's health, they still have a tendency to be affected by skin breakdown. There are cushions that have special forms and cut outs to help sores and ulcers heal. This is important to prevent worsening and even infection of the areas involved.

There are some cases in which off the shelf seat cushions for wheelchairs will not do. When this is the case, there are companies that will personalise a seat to meet specific needs. These needs are met by looking at medical history and a person's current medical issues.

Depending on need, the cushion may be made out of a different material. It may have air cells, gel, or memory foam. Specialized areas can be created to maximise a person's posture and comfort, while minimizing the risk for breakdown and discomfort. These are the two main considerations when choosing a wheelchair cushion.

High-density memory foam is used in a wide variety of seat cushions used for wheelchairs. It is the ultimate in stress-relieving support, and is comfortable through the day. As most people know memory foam moulds to the body by using body heat. This provides a comfort that is customized.