Reclaimed Wood For Your Furniture And Flooring

Reclaimed wood is a growing trend that you will notice if you look at home decor magazines or online forums about staging and home decor trends. Reclaimed wood can be repurposed from other uses, making it more eco-friendly than cutting down new trees.

Reclaimed wood has many advantages, but it is important to be aware of the potential downsides to reclaimed wooden flooring and furniture. Enterprising entrepreneurs have profited from this trend by misleadingly marketing their products as "reclaimed". You can also buy reclaimed wood furniture or flooring via Reclaimed World

13 beautiful reclaimed wood furniture designs by artists and makers - Upcyclist

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It is possible for toxins to be found in reclaimed wood depending on where it came from or how it was treated and prepared for reuse. You or your family members can be exposed to chemicals, paints and preservatives as well as adhesives, insecticides and lead. Get full disclosure about any potential toxins in reclaimed wood and take the necessary precautions.

Reclaimed lumber is unbeatable in terms of strength and quality. Reclaimed wood is up to 40 times stronger than virgin wood on the Janka hardness scale. This is due to the fact that it is sourced from old-growth trees rather than the first-generation virgin wood trees.

Reclaimed lumber has a rustic, classic appearance. Reclaimed lumber is versatile and can be used with both antique staging plans and modern furniture. There are many options for designs, colours and textures to suit your staging or designing needs.