Professional Tips To Maintain Your Car

The maintenance routine of most European cars is pretty simple. They demand timely maintenance, failing which you are risking costly repairs and even replacements of parts.

Having such a vehicle is a dream for everyone but only a few can make it. If you are having this luxury car you should be proud of yourself for being counted among those few. To know about the best audi car service visit

If you are having an Audi, a BMW, or a Mercedes then you must be aware of the thing that regular maintenance and servicing are very important for these cars.

Such is the importance of European car service in Perth, that its awareness plays a pivotal role in your vehicle's peak performance and your safety on roads as well. Here are some pro tips to follow –

Check the tire condition

You might not take it seriously but, the tires are a crucial part of your vehicle maintenance schedule. Use the penny test to check the tread depth; whether it is within the legal road limit (3mm).

Also, use a tire pressure gauge to inspect if they're properly inflated. Remember; underinflated tires lower your vehicle's peak performance.

On the other hand, overinflated tires result in excessive wear & tear leading to frequent blowouts! So, it is of utmost necessity that you rely on a local mechanic to do this hassle-job for you. Failing this, you are risking frequent tire change (it can deplete your pocket fast). Mind it!