Plan Your Hiking Tours To Grampians

If you're looking for an excuse to come to the Grampians, Grampians Grape Escape should be at the top of your list. The famous regional festival of wine, food, and music takes place at Halls Gap on the first weekend of May. 

This is an opportunity to raise our glasses to local manufacturers. If you are planning a trip to the Grampians, hurry up and book now your ticket.

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If you're here, not hesitate a little longer? The Grampians are rich in experiences, from beautiful waterfalls and hikes to local wine tastings and restaurants. We've rounded up some of your favorite highlights and it's fair to say they couldn't be done in one day. Extend your stay at the Grampians and make the most of your adventure.


You won't want to leave the Grampians after feeling the peace and serenity of our majestic waterfalls.

Mackenzie Falls is one of Victoria's largest waterfalls and falls all year round. Just a five-minute drive from Mackenzie Falls you can reach the majestic Fish Falls or take the wheel and follow the trail for stunning views of Beehive Falls.

Whether you're an avid hiker or a time-honored traveler, Grampians has it all. Venus Baths are a short walk from the heart of Halls Gap, which meanders through fern-filled valleys and rock pools. Or, take the more challenging route to Mount William and get 360-degree views.