Overview of Guardianship Law

If you are currently the parent of a minor, the most common interaction with a guardian is determination. A guardianship attorney can help with any questions and explain in detail the best way to write your will to keep your child safe. Your most important task is to state clear legal responsibilities for your child in the event of death. 

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You should always make the wording as clear and concise as possible and be sure to discuss it with the aforementioned parties. You want to avoid worst-case surprises and hopefully avoid hiring a lawyer in the future.

As a guardian of minors today, you are bound to face some of the complexities that make this legal field so full of court attorneys. There are several ways to get awards. First, the state can appoint you as a guardian. You can also voluntarily accept responsibility if the biological parent is found to be unfit. You can also be held liable if friends or family choose to do so on the advice of their real estate planning attorney under a will. 

Regardless of how your ward is separated, you still have legal responsibility for him until he reaches adulthood or the court decides to designate the ward. The second situation more often requires a lawyer to resolve the dispute and can be quite an uphill battle. If you currently have a gift in a second situation, we recommend that you seek the help of a qualified attorney, real estate planner, or guardianship attorney if necessary.