Linen Paper and Its Wide Variety of Uses

We learned as children that paper is made from trees. True, paper comes from trees and other natural fibers. Why are there so many types of paper? It all comes down to the type of plant fiber and how the paper finishes look. The paper's texture, thickness, and finish will affect its surface.

We will be focusing on linen paper, a type of paper. It looks and feels just like linen fabric, with raised cross-hatched designs. It is made from fibers of the flax plant, which is the same plant that makes linen fabric. If you’re looking for more information about Linen Paper check this out.

linen paper

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Flax plant fibers create tough, crisp paper that can be used for many purposes. Governments even use it to make currency notes. You should be aware that the paper is a mix of cotton and linen, which makes it resilient to tears and dry.

Some linen papers have a subtle finish that gives you a hint of texture. Others are more obvious and can be felt instantly. It all depends on the customer's needs. Thunderbolt paper specifies all these qualities and sells top-rated linen papers of all varieties.

These products can be used with linen finish paper:

Restaurant Menus

Intentional liquid spillages can cause restaurant tables to become untidy. Linen paper is used to create restaurant menus. It fascinates water slowly and has a wonderful feel.

Wedding invitation cards and Greeting cards

Wedding cards that combine bold, big words with scribble on linen paper look luxurious. The same applies to greeting cards.

Business letterhead

Most likely, you have seen documents with raised-textured letterheads. This was a linen-textured paper that was used to make the company's logo or name visible.