Know More About Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is a therapy used by chiropractors to stimulate muscle tissues. This therapy is carried out by a device known as an electrical muscle stimulator. This device contains a set of two or four electrodes that are placed on the skin directly over the weak muscle and are connected by wires to the device at the other end.

The stimulator starts inducing the number of impulses into the muscles to the skin via the electrodes. These impulses mimic the working of normal action potential and thereby make the muscle units twitch and relax alternatively. As the skeletal muscles differ in sizes, shapes, and muscle responses, the electrical muscle stimulator being user-friendly trains them with different frequencies available. Hence, neuromuscular electrical stimulation can help in relaxing the muscles as well.

EMS is used for therapeutic purposes and is used by sportspeople during their professional training. It not only enhances the self-confidence of the sportsman but also prepares them to prepare for the upcoming sports event by toning up the muscle groups.

 In infants with nerve injuries like Erb’s paralysis or klumpke's paralysis the electrical muscle stimulator helps regeneration of nerves and building the muscle strength so that the arm can be raised or bent actively by the infant.