Know About the Screen Printing Tips

Screen printing, also known as serigraphy and silk screen printing, is a printing technique that allows you to create a sharp-edged image with the use of stencils and the main focal point is a porous printing fabric.

T-shirt screen printing can be a great way to start a home-based business. It is not difficult to learn. You can find step-by-step on the internet, some even have video. Here are some simple tips that can help when you start designing T-shirts screen printed.  You can know about benefits of screen printing from various web sources.

As mentioned earlier, you should have a clue, or a video of the printing process is ready. Make sure you have a large workspace even before you start working or buy materials. You need to clean up the area to the rooms making tools and supplies.

screen printing press machine with a black long sleeve shirt on the press

If you have settled with workspace or area, you are now ready to buy your kit print and additional equipment required. You can make your own silkscreen if you're up for it. Old newspapers or scrap paper will be useful. You can use it to coat your work area for silk screen printing can be messy.

While you are in the process of printing a t-shirt, make sure to place a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt to avoid ink soaking through it. When you're done printing, you will need to let it dry overnight.