Kitchen Service Repair: How Important is Preventative Maintenance?

Establishing consistent preventive maintenance on kitchen equipment is key to extending the life of your equipment and avoiding disaster. Preventive maintenance can extend equipment life by up to 30 percent and significantly reduce catastrophic damage. You can contact experts for commercial dishwashers repairs & commercial kitchen appliance repairs through online sites.

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You want to specifically support areas (where improper treatment can lead to more serious problems) such as:

– Descaling on water pipes and boilers of appliances such as steamers, combi ovens, dishwashers, etc.

– Check burner and power cord

– Seal replacement

– Thermostat calibration

Problems that can arise from improper maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment include:

– Increased risk of electric shock/fire and major damage to equipment

– Higher energy consumption, resulting in more expensive electricity bills

Proper prevention can stop such a disaster. Preventive maintenance includes checking gas stoves, which prevent gas fires or explosions. If one has observed the accompanying damage from a gas explosion or the complete destruction of equipment when the fire suppression system is turned off, the cost of a preventive maintenance plan is negligible.

The worn seal allows moisture and heat to escape from the cooking atmosphere, causing fluctuations in cooking temperature. Thermostat calibration allows for proper control of the cooking atmosphere so food does not dry out or burn due to longer cooking times. 

In addition to the higher energy intake, the quality of the food served is greatly affected and a higher percentage of food loss is guaranteed. During preventive maintenance, seals and gaskets are always checked and the thermostat calibrated.

Knowing that your equipment is properly cared for will extend its life, reduce energy consumption, prevent catastrophic events, and ensure peace of mind.