Kinds of Photo Papers for Different Photo Applications

When printing high resolution images, the best tool is to use photo paper. Photo paper is uniquely designed with a matt back and a glossy top. This results in the same image quality as printing in a darkroom. In addition, it has a special resin coating that allows it to absorb ink and maintain high color detail. You can also find the best coated paper through the internet.

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Which type is the best?

Photo paper is available in various sizes and types to meet your photo needs.

Matte photo paper

Matte photo paper makes photos look classy without the gloss. It is a very high quality paper that is immune to smudges, fingerprints and glare.

Soft and glossy photo paper

Soft, low gloss photo paper produces high-quality colors and even skin tones that are realistic.

Standard glossy photo paper

If you want your photos to stand out, using standard glossy photo paper is a good choice. They offer enough brilliance to make photos stand out. This is sometimes called glossy photo paper.

Glossy photo paper

Glossy photo paper is the best quality photo paper on the market. They are best for use in prints for public displays or for framing.

These are the some types of papers. You should choose best paper according to you need.