How to Serving Gelato to Guests

There is nothing like enjoying gelato dishes on hot summer days after you enjoy food. You know what you like and you know what to put on the plate to make it a perfect treat for you. What happens when you have finished guests? Do you know how to serve this cold creation for them? Many don't know what it is and they might not be sure what to expect from him. However, with a little help from you, they can fall in love with these tempting treats. You can shop now the best gelato ice cream machine for your business.

  • The right temperature is important

One of the first things to know about gelato is not ice cream. It is not intended to be eaten in the same form of solids, often difficult, namely ice cream. If you get this right, the product will speak for him. In short, you want it only in the texture. That means that it must be left out of the freezer for a few minutes before you serve it. If you start melting, it's okay. Of course, you don't want it to be liquid, but it must be soft rather than hard.

  • Oh, the flavors.

If you have an elegant dinner, or you just want to make your friends think you are sophisticated, you can pull out the luxury dish and serve this prize on them. However, you must get a taste correctly. Depending on what type of food you plan to be served for your guests, ensure that the gelatos you offer (and you can offer more than one) Burrus well. 

  • Get ready toppings – or not

Unlike American ice cream, Gelato doesn't have a mixture. It doesn't need syrup to be poured on it. You can leave a sprinkling and shake cream too. None of these things are common when this product is served in a smallholder in the corner of the market in the outside place in Italy. In other words, keep it simple. The spoon or two gelatos themselves is all that your guests need.