How To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer of women in the world. It can happen to anybody, young or old, married or single. One in 5 women is at the risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime in Australia. A lot of research is being done to find the cause and cure of breast cancer. Cause of breast cancer is still unknown.

Certain cancer genes have been identified that run in families or can occur newly by mutation in women without any family gene. Tests are available to detect such a gene so that extra precautions can be taken to detect cancer early in women with such genes. Advancement in latest axillary clearance surgeries have made it possible to cure from breast cancer with the removal of breasts and reconstruction.

Prevention gives the best chance of cure. You can beat the cancer by being cautious and detecting it early. Remember cancer starts as a painless lump in the breast and you have the best chance of detecting it yourself. By Breast self examination ( BSE).

If you have detected a lump or nodule do not panic, because 8 out of ten times these are harmless. You should go to an expert surgeon for examination. She/he may advise further testing if needed like mammography( breast X ray) and sonography of breast -both of which are painless. Fine needle biopsy may also be needed to get the diagnosis.