How to Engage Attendees in CPE

Many CPAs are of the opinion that taking continuing professional education (CPE) classes in person is an excellent method to enhance their knowledge while maintaining their license as well as connect with other professionals. But COVID-19 has made it impossible for professionals to take CPE classes in person.

In this article, we'll explore three ways instructors can enhance their cpe classes online to be more enjoyable for students.

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Make sure you know who your audience is.

One of the most difficult issues for instructors online is reading body language spoken by their audience. When teaching in person, an instructor can assess the reactions and attitudes of their students, as opposed to cpe classes online which limit or even eliminate the possibility of seeing students. Instructors who teach in person are able to assess if there's too much or not enough information is provided.

Do More than just lecture

CPE students often "check out' while watching a lecture for several hours. Another method of engaging students is to interrupt the lecture to discuss application issues with the group.  Instructors may share their screens for working through the exercises or employ an item as basic as an ordinary whiteboard to display the work they're doing. 

Create a course that feels personalized

Meetings on the internet have become a common procedure with COVID-19, and the majority of professionals aren't thrilled by the practice. The idea of taking a continuing professional development course on the internet after attending a number of meetings online isn't appealing to many. It is essential for participants to know instructors are actively engaged participants in the class.