Get Apple iPhone Service Center Services Near You!

Like the iPhone 3G, the new iPhone can be repaired by a certified technician. The new iPhone is different from previous models like the iPhone 3G or 3Gs. The overall design of the new iPhone is closer to that of the 4G iPhone. 

Many will find the new design disappointing when it comes to simple repairs. This is due to the complexity of several key components of the iPhone's design. One of the most important concerns is the replacement of the Front Glass on the iPhone and Digitizer. You can contact the iphone service center via according to its condition. 


Comparing the new design to the iPhone, where the glass and digitizer are fused to an LCD screen, the new design is more appealing. Some iPhone users may have had similar problems when replacing their Front Glass. 

If you have cracked your iPhone’s glass, it is likely that you will need to replace the entire Front Glass as well as the LCD. Fused LCD is a new obstacle in the replacement of the Front Glass. Apple made this change to make the iPhone more spacious and to remove dirt and debris that could be between the LCD and Front Glass. 

This is a good thing for the iPhone, but it can be costly for those who need to replace the Front Glass or Digitizer. The cost of replacing the glass on the iPhone will be $180-220. This is because the replacement parts are more costly than simply purchasing a new Front Glass or Digitizer. 

This is due to the fact that the LCD screen must be replaced. The new design has caused a significant increase in labor time. It takes longer to replace the front panel assembly of the iPhone. If you are planning to replace your iPhone yourself, be aware that it is a complex repair that will take twice as long to complete.