Everything You Need To Know About Mens Leather Belts

Every man needs a decent leather belt in his wardrobe. And not merely to hold your pants up. A simple belt can make or break an outfit. It can be the last accessory to top off a stylish look or a glaring anomaly that completely destroys a carefully put-together outfit.

Picking a standard leather belts isn't rocket science but there are a few hard and fast rules to follow when selecting men's leather straps to match your outfit. Take time to consider the material, color, buckle and fastenings, and strap thickness.

The material you choose for your belt actually depends upon the occasion. Belts for formal and business wear should be leather.

As manufacturers of fine men's leather belts, we are, obviously, going to advocate leather as the best option! We would be lying if we said otherwise. However, it's important to note that not all leathers are created equal.

The color of a belt can be the difference between wedding-day formal and casual drinks with the lads. The general rule is that if you want your outfit to appear smart and formal, choose black or navy leather belts (based on the color of your suit). For everything else, brown-colored belts are the most versatile option – it pretty much goes with everything.

The color of brown is really up to you. Natural, un-dyed leather is one of our favorites because it develops its own distinctive patina with use. It darkens with wear and ages beautifully, as you get older.