Enhance Your Reputation – Invest in First Aid Training

Most importantly, it is the legal responsibility of all companies to ensure the welfare of their employees by implementing comprehensive health and safety policies. However, it's not about paperwork and bureaucracy. Reputation is an asset to your company that help you find and retain customers.

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Occupational health and safety plays an important role in enhancing the company's reputation by providing knowledge to the public that your company cares for employees and the surrounding community.

You want to be presented as a reliable, conscientious organization that can be trusted. This can be an important factor in getting the prospect to decide who to give their habit to.

Public health and safety obligations include:

Conduct an in-depth health and safety risk assessment

Health and safety policy creation, which must be in writing if you employ 5 or more people

Make sure your workplace meets the minimum requirements for comfort and cleanliness

Record serious injuries, illnesses and dangerous accidents in the accident log and report it to the responsible authorities if necessary.

Effective first aid practice bore fruit. It is important to remember that many companies incur unnecessary additional costs due to the lack of a reliable first aid training system. Avoidable injuries and illnesses result in wasted time and thus lower productivity.

Think of health and safety as a profitable investment that will save you money in the long run. Other benefits of providing workforce health and safety training include:

Fewer work-related injuries

Reduce fluctuation

Reduction of company health costs

Reduced insurance premiums and expensive claims

Work ethic increases