Different Types Of Microblading Needle Available In Market

There are many kinds of microblading needles. It is essential that you choose the right needle to achieve good results and a beautiful client. Skin that is older tends to be thinner and less resilient than younger skin.

You can also recognize that your client's skin texture, elasticity, and collagen levels will affect their age. It can be difficult to determine the epidermis and pick the right microblading needles. However, it is the best way to achieve better results.

microblading needles

There are many different types of needles. Microblading needles are made up of many thin needles that are tightly connected to form a blade. There are two types of row blades: dual row blades or single row blades with different numbers of hooks. Blades can be either difficult or elastic. The total blade can have different contours.

The blades can move from 7 inches to 28 hooks. The number is increasing to indicate the depth. Each blade has its own advantage.

  • 7-pin CFM blade: This can be the most powerful microblading needle you've ever used. This blade is great for in-depth work and lean brows. This blade is great for thin hairs.

  • 12-pin CF Blade: This would represent the magic number. This would be the microblading needle you use most often. This blade is great for making moderately long eyebrow hairs at moderate depth.

  • 14-pin CFB blade: This is a great way to draw thicker brows. These blades can be used to create a shorter hair span than ordinary blades. This gives you the freedom to create an ideal eyebrow.