Diabetic Foot Care Tips

If you are diabetic, it is necessary to take good care of your feet. Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet and make you more prone to having infections, sores and reduce blood flow to the feet. To avoid such problems, follow these given guidelines:-

Some Simple Foot Care Tips

Check your feet regularly. Check cuts, swelling, and redness. If you are suffering from a diabetic foot problem then you can visit www.familypodiatryofmd.com/locations/reisterstown-2/  to get the best diabetic foot care service in Reisterstown, MD.

Keep your feet clean. Keep your toenails short, in case of dry skin use moisturizer but don’t moisturize between toes this could lead to fungal infection.

Foot Protection

Always remember to never walk barefoot, even at home. Wearing some type of footwear will prevent you from suffering cuts and bruises.

Consider shoes made especially for patients living with diabetes. Shoes should be comfortable and should not rub against your feet in any way. Shoes with heels may cause pressure to certain areas of the feet and high heels should be avoided.


Before going to bathe, it will be necessary to check the temperature of the water with your hand or elbow. Use only lukewarm water, not hot water. Please avoid using hot water bottles and electric blankets.

Diabetic Socks

Consider specially made socks that will help to prevent sores, swelling, and nerve damage as well as improving circulation. These socks have no elastic, are higher than the ankle, and are made of fiber which will give more comfort.

Use antibacterial creams that prevent infections and increase blood flow. Never use a heating pad and hot water bottle.