Buying A Dental Practice – Finding the Perfect Practice in Framingham

A doctor interested in selling their practice will usually contact a broker or advisor who will then "list" the practice. The seller is required to pay the broker a commission, usually a percentage of the final transaction if the practice is sold.

The broker is usually responsible for running marketing campaigns, screening potential buyers, and demonstrating practice and assistance in closing. The process is very similar to selling a house. You can look for the best consultants by navigating through:

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For the buyer, he can have his own representative who is a broker or advisor. Make sure the people you work with know about the sale and purchase of dental clinics.

There are unique features to the dental business that may or may not apply to other companies being sold. Buyer advisors can be replaced hourly or for certain general expenses.

By attending appointments and seeing other doctors, you may find a doctor who is considering selling his practice. If you can develop a professional relationship with a potential salesperson, you may find out about the practice of selling in front of other buyers.

Another source of potential clients for practices that are or will be in the market are consultants working with dentists.

Accountants and attorneys may have clients ready to sell. Dental laboratory and laboratory representatives in your target area may also know physicians considering the transition.