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Medicine is a life-saving necessity that we all rely on at one time or another to cure our ailments.

While there are always many organized medical shops and pharmacies in India, we often don't know how authentic the medicines are when our local medical shop sells us. Drugstore owners are not trained pharmacists either.

Did you know that when you are offered the brand-name replacement product prescribed by your doctor, you are getting the right medicine? Or is it dangerous for you?

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This is a question for some online pharmacies, such as, which work with trained in-house pharmacists to find a list of prescription drugs and their substitutes.

Generic drugs are much cheaper than well-known brand-name drugs, so many people prefer this option. Most online pharmacies also sell face creams for men.

Despite the well-equipped number of doctors and hospitals in our metropolitan city, India's healthcare system is still in its infancy.

In order to provide high-quality medicines at affordable prices in Cities II and III India, online pharmacies are increasing and facing challenges.

Many states in India do not have access to branded medicines for chronic or lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease which affect young Indians even in rural areas.