Always Book Airport Parking in Advance to Save Money

How to Save Money on Airport Parking

Unless you prefer to pay the odds, you should never, ever come to an airport car park without pre-booking your parking for the duration of your trip!

Travel to destinations around the world is more accessible than ever, thanks to cheap flights and quick and easy access to accommodation.

Why should I consider pre-booking airport car parking?

SAVE MONEY – Prices booked in advance can represent big savings when you get to the airport car park. You can save up to 60% on the cost of parking your car, not just arriving and paying that day.

Save time – No need to queue to pay your car park fee when you return to Sydney. You can also get additional information on airport parking in Sydney from Park on King.

There are several types of car parks available and not all types are available at all airports. Once you find the cheapest price it doesn’t mean that it will be the best option for you. Here’s a quick guide to what your picks usually are:

On-site parking

It is the name given to car parks operated by the British Airports Authority (BAA). This means that the car park is on BAA land, but sometimes ‘off-site’ car parks can serve to be closer to the terminal building.

Off-site parking

Just any car park that is not part of the airport complex. In other words, it is the name given to an (always cheaper) car park operated by third-party companies, which is on regular transport (transfer) to the terminal building. The best of these are just as fast and convenient on-site, if not more!

Local car park

Sometimes, smaller companies with additional land provide their airport parking services and attempt to undercut the mainstream competition on price. On the downside, they generally don’t offer anything like the same level of security; Almost all airport car parks have 24-hour CCTV and guard patrol, while local services may be less secure and availability more limited, so check first and see these downsides versus the price if you’re considering one. 

It is generally advisable to use an accredited supplier of airport parking as they will only offer secure car parking and you can park your car and relax on your vacation with peace of mind.