All About Ford Everest Accessories

When it comes to personalizing your Ford Everest you won’t find more perfect than Ford Genuine Accessories. Ford Genuine Accessories undergo years of testing rigorously by the teams and ensure that they are integrated and are perfect to are getting the most from your vehicle.

No Nonsense Nudge Bar

As with our other bull bars, the authentic Ford Nudge Bar provides additional protection for you from the sides of Everest and has been approved by Ford’s strict safety and engineering standards. You can buy a ford Everest nudge bar

BaseCamp Accessories Pack Makes Australia's Ford Everest Even More Badass |  Carscoops

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Fully loaded Tow Pack

With up to 3,100kg* of towing capacity, you can tackle the toughest jobs using the genuine Ford tow kit. It has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets the stringent Ford engineering standards as well as Australian Design Rules, the package includes a tow bar, LED-compatible module, wires, and a tow ball. The tow package is perfectly compatible with the Everest Dynamic Stability Control that is automatically adapting to changes in load to give you more control.

Trailer Brake Controller

Get the most out of your vehicle’s towing capability by fitting with the FLA Trailer Brake Controller. The system regulates the force of braking for the electrical (or electrical in conjunction with hydraulic) trailer brakes installed to the attached trailer, boat, or caravan which significantly improves towing comfort and security.