All about Automobile Recalls

Recent news has been dominated by recalls. The recall was issued to inform owners that their vehicles were unsafe and must be fixed immediately, regardless of whether it was for sticky accelerators or brakes that weren't working properly.

A recall is an order to notify people and to encourage them to take immediate action. A recall can put a person's life at risk if they fail to act. Individuals who are notified by mail, TV, or the internet of recalls should immediately take action.

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Recalls are used to address problems such as:

  • Too fast wear on auto parts
  • Safety features that are not up to par
  • Problems with electricity

These problems can put drivers in danger, or make it difficult for them to drive safely. Auto manufacturers will usually quickly notice problems and issue recalls to protect their customers from bad publicity. 

Recalls are usually not issued until someone is injured in an accident. Individuals who are involved in accidents that result in recalls could be eligible for financial compensation.

To learn about your legal rights and responsibilities, it is important that victims of defective automobiles consult an auto defect lawyer before they take legal action to seek financial damages. 

While it does not guarantee victory, hiring a lawyer may help increase the chances of an individual winning their case.