A Guide To Making Cold Brew Coffee

Brewing your coffee cold is a great option if you love iced coffee and want to avoid buying expensive iced coffee. There are many ways to prepare iced coffee, but there are also machines that make it possible.  One benefit is that this method removes the acids that coffee produces. 

This method also brings out different flavor ranges for coffee lovers to enjoy, however some dislike it because there is no acidity. Alternatively, you can use a special jar, called a mason jar. It's really easy: you just take the ground coffee, pour it into the jar, and then pour in cold water before putting the water in your fridge for 12-24 hours. 

When ready, simply strain the beans and serve over ice. Give it a try! Also, if you want to sweeten it, add a caramel syrup, or something similar. You can also make hazelnut flavored coffee to experience a different taste.

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Measure your coffee

When you start brewing, find out which ratio of the coffee you measure is the strongest and which is the weakest for a great coffee experience without making it weak or too strong for your tastes.

The most common ratio is 1 liter of water to 60 grams of ground coffee, and the easiest way to obtain this is to simply measure the coffee on a scale, however it is also possible to measure this simply by measuring 60 grams using a spoon.

Use good quality water

The quality of your water is important when it comes time to brew coffee. Hard water, which is full of extra minerals, won't bind as well to the coffee being brewed, leading to weak coffee and not what you expected.